Breast Prostheses

reast Prostheses should fit and look natural on your body. There is now an amazing amount of possibilities available post- surgery through the innovative use of breast prostheses. As all procedural outcomes are highly individual, it is here my personal service and knowledge can set you on the road to discovering the comfort and style that suits you best. The range of breast prostheses at Valerie’s are from internationally recognised brands such as Amoena, Silima, Anita and Nearly Me. I also source from smaller specialist producers and travel regularly to Europe and America to keep up to date ensuring you get exactly what you need. From an inital free consultation, together we can create the most appropriate solutions for you.
Have a personal shopping experience via Skype or Whatsapp Video call to my specialised lingerie shop. Ask me about complimentary home visits in the counties of Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, South Galway and North Cork. Send an email to or call me direct today on: Mobile: 085 160 1783


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