‘Fight like a Girl’ Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction – feeling beautiful again after breast cancer.

This is the short story of how ‘Valerie’, that’s me on the left, discovered a way of ‘making women feel and look beautiful after breast cancer in Ireland’ and why like most women, it’s a subject we often don’t get to talk about.     (original article was written by Valerie & printed by Happy Magazine 2019)

It is another very hot day in this great ‘Southern State’ of the US. I am sitting here with my new Texan friends and they are aghast, listening to recent family camping experiences during our afternoon together. ‘Have you not heard about the rattlesnakes, Miss Valerie?’ ‘Don’t you know we have wild hogs here in the Hill Country? The Texan drawl was unmistakable, reminiscent of all those groundbreaking new TV soaps that arrived in Ireland during the ’80s.

Feeling like a visitor on the set of Dallas, I wondered would they start just calling me ‘Valerie’. It wasn’t quite easy to figure out whether being called a ‘Miss’ was too old or too young a label in their eyes. This is my third get-together with these women and Continue reading