The four types of mastectomy bras a woman needs, after breast surgery, in her lingerie drawer.

For me, wearing the right fitting bra and being comfortable for the whole day is everything! It is the foundation for my clothes and there is literally every type of bra in my lingerie drawer imaginable.

To be described, as a bra nerd is something, in my opinion, to be proud of!

Over the years, since starting my mastectomy breast care service there have been many talks, given by me, on being breast aware, practicing good breast health, and the importance of wearing the right fitting mastectomy bra. These interactive chats between us women have been a great learning experience. Hearing all the different bra stories over the years has helped to pass on this knowledge to others.  Not only do we all want to look good, we want to feel good and we want to be comfortable without having to compromise on style.

There are many reasons we need to wear a bra, the obvious is to look good and have correct posture.  Not wearing a good fitting bra can incur spine or back pain and we don’t want that!!!Continue reading