Fashionable Mastectomy Bras and Comfortable Medical Prostheses – available to buy on-line too!

We are delighted to be offering both new and regular customers in Ireland the opportunity to buy their lingerie online in the comfort of their own homes.  After an initial consultation, measuring and discussion it’s a superb opportunity to simply place repeat orders, or browse to see what new fashions are available for you as seasons and fashion trends change. More so, now as we also face into the occasional restrictions regarding COVID 19, where our meeting and travel opportunities may be restricted.

Our on-line shop is divided into three distinct categories;  Mastectomy bras, Medical Prostheses, and Mastectomy Swimwear. As 2021 gets underway, we will also be expanding our online range to include breast care accessories and up-to-date breast care information. Below is a full description of the service and products available form Valerie’s Breast Care.

Mastectomy Post-Operative Recovery Bras

For many, the journey starts with recovery, and we are pleased to be able to recommend a superb Irish Brand, ‘Theya’ as one of your choices. This medium support, back fastening comfort bra is wonderfully soft and comfortable, as well as being beautifully feminine. It is ideal for those who have undergone surgery or are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment where the skin is at its most sensitive.  The unique bamboo mix fabric has proven to healing properties. It is antibacterial, breathable and capable of drawing moisture away from the skin faster than 100% cotton. – There are no seams, tags or wires to irritate sensitive skin, scars or wounds. It is also perfect for those who suffer from skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, epidermolysis bullosa and ichthyosis.  There is the choice of front fastening or back fastening bras. Front adjustable straps allow for the reduced arm mobility, which you may experience after surgery. Front-opening allows ease of access for examining wounds.  Gently moulded cups with pockets on the inside for the insertion of your softie or breast form. These bras will support prosthesis up to the larger cup sizes. A well thought out bra that features removable modesty pads to give gentle shape where needed. Designed to look and feel like regular lingerie, you are well on the road to recovery with our most popular post-surgery bra.

Call me to talk about the various options you have. The Anita and Amoena ranges also have beautiful recovery bras that suit all needs. Tell me about your surgery, and I will advise you on the best bra for you. Click here to access our Mastectomy Recovery Bra selection.

Valerie’s Breast Care Fashion and Everyday Lingerie

Getting back to into your usual day to day activities, feeling and looking beautiful as well as comfortable and confident, is foremost with the products on offer at Valerie’s Breast Care. Our selection of practical everyday garments and elegant fashion lingerie is, second- to- none, encompassing brands from both Europe and America.  As each person’s experience of breast surgery is very personal and individual, I am on hand to ensure you have the right garment, and the right size and balance of prosthesis to ensure both comfort and a great look! Our Bra section includes a full range of products from leading brands Amoena, Silima and Anita along with the very fashionable Nicola Jane Mastectomy Fashions, Royce and Susa. Having trained in America, fabulous mastectomy fashion is available from the American mastectomy designers Classique and Nearly Me Technologies. All products are available for dispatch to anywhere in Ireland. We have links here to our best sellers, click on the links to access our Everyday Bra selection and Fashion Bra Selection. If you are, in any doubt about the size or style that suits you best please call me for a personal consultation via phone or WhatsApp.  For our measuring service, you can book an appointment today on-line too, and I will re-confirm within the same working day.

Strapless Mastectomy Bras and Valetta tops

Convenience, comfort and style need not be overlooked either when selecting mastectomy bras. Valerie’s Breast Care cater for strapless, perfect for eveningwear and summer casuals, padded bras for extra shape enhancement and front fastening for support and convenience. The Autumn-Winter collection along with the Summer collection from the Amoena range always add energy and colour to your wardrobe. Ask me about the various mastectomy styles in tops that do not require a bra and have hidden pockets for your breast form. This range brings out beautiful colours each year and is hugely popular for customers who like to change things up.  Click on the link direct to our Strapless Bra selection.

Padded Bras

Padded bras give that extra definition that we sometimes need. The pads in the pocketed cups give a fullness to the bust and the breasts are enhanced. The padded bra range is often popular with women who have had a lumpectomy and do not require a medical breast prosthesis. The pads in the bra will help even out any changes you may have due to surgery.  One of our favourite brands is Nicola Jane. They have a range of beautiful bras that work well for all shapes. Fashionable bras that help to enhance are very popular with women who are in the lower sizes of size A and B bra cups. Feeling firmer and fuller will enhance your body shape, for all cup sizes and make you feel as beautiful as you are.  Giving advice on padded bras to suit your style is one of the most fun parts of my service. Call me to ask about the style that suits you best. It may be from the Nicola Jane range or maybe from Amoena or Anita ranges. Click on the link to view to our Padded Bra selection.

Front Fastening Mastectomy Bras

From America and Europe, there is a range of front fastening bras available for my customers. From the Classique range in Florida, I can offer you a beautiful bra which is both back fastening and front fastening. This bra is just perfect, beautiful and extremely supportive

Please call me to discuss your needs in this particular area. Do you need front fastening for just a short time or are you interested in having front fastening bras long term?

Within the online store, you will also see the Frances from Amoena. This is one of our favourite comfort, front fastening bras. It comes in a range of fabulous different colours. This company always looks at colour and they love to help us to brighten up our lingerie drawer. New colours are introduced regularly. Click on the link to view to our Front Fastening Bra selection, or call and ask me about the latest colour combinations for this season.

Sports Bras.

Designed to suit the active woman we are delighted to focus on casual fashion and fitness bras to enhance your lifestyle. Exercise whether gentle or moderate is always, recommended as part of the pathway to recovery after experiencing illness, especially cancer.  For those with a desire to return to their favourite past times, our sports bras offer a range of styles to suit the most moderate or strenuous of activities.  Our most popular choices are available by clicking this link to our Sports Bra selection.  Remember you can always phone me for a chat if you need any advice on what might suit your chosen sport.

Camisole Bras and Bandeau Tops

If you like a luxurious bra then the Abra is for you, click on the image to view the product page. Beautiful lace provides high cover across the wall of the chest. This pocketed bra is just perfect if you would like to mask any scarring. Available in white, this bra has been hugely popular with our customers for many years. The Dana and the Isabel are also beautiful cami bras that come in colours black or white. For a different colour ask me about the cami bras from America as colours change regularly. At present, there are colours brown, navy and a beautiful cream available.

If you have a favourite bra and you don’t want to change the style then you can avail of a bandeau top from the Anita range,  clicking here and see the product and the various colours available to you. Personally, I love the bandeau tops and wear them regularly underclothes that need that extra bit of coverage across the bust.  Have you ever bought a dress or top that fits perfectly but is too wide across the chest? This happens me regularly and before the bandeau top, I had to resort to a little bit of home stitching and at times, the dreaded safety pin. Thankfully, the bandeau top has solved this and has opened up my wardrobe a whole lot more.  It really is a must for everyone’s wardrobe!


Medical Breast Prostheses

I always like to ensure that customers have the option of available fashions from both European and American suppliers. It is important to have a range of options post-surgery and to have a wide choice of products, here you can easily peruse the options available to you for medical prostheses or breast forms in Ireland by clicking the image to our prothesis products page.  Whether you are looking for partials or full cup, our customers will find a range of options here. Please call me to discuss your needs.  Has your body shape changed since your last breast prosthesis fitting? Do you feel that the breast prosthesis is the right shape and the right weight for you? What are your concerns? How can I help you to be happier with your breast prostheses and what is available to you here in Ireland? My experience with the prosthesis and my up to date knowledge will help you to get the right fit. For those of you that are active swimmers, you may need advice on breast forms that are specifically designed for swimming. Call me anytime to discuss the range of options available to you.

 Remember, also that your HSE entitlements for Medical Breast Prosthesis mean you can re-order every two years, you can link to view your current entitlements.

Medical Entitlements

Practical & also Glamorous Swimwear

As exercise at the local pool is encouraged for upper body strength, at Valerie’s Breast Care there is a wide range of swimwear from all the leading brands available to you.  Having fun on the beach is equally important and is central to any vacation. With this in mind, we are pleased to include a superb colourful and fashionable range of pocketed swimwear that will suit you.  From the Anita, Amoena and Nicola Jane ranges, we have one-piece swimsuits,  pocketed tankini-sets and bikinis available in the most beautiful and fashionable styles.  Beautiful designs become available every year.  Swimwear is hugely important. Pop over to the swimwear page to view some of our online products.  There are lots more in the shop and if you have a special type or colour in mind, then please call me to discuss. Let’s talk about your body shape and what is the most flattering swimwear for you.

Additionally, we can offer a specialized prosthesis made especially for swimwear – the Aqua Wave Swimform. Made from a clear water-resistant silicone this dries quickly and is shaped to offer a great outline in all sizes. In addition, manufacturers have paid particular attention to ensuring garments are chlorine resistant, ideal for those who regularly use the local pool as part of their exercise routine.

Above all, if in doubt call me, I’d be delighted to hear from you

It is hoped you will find elegance and confidence with all the products we offer. It is our aim to keep up to date with styles and colours as they change.  To follow these changed please subscribe to our newsletter or like our Facebook page. You’re assured, of being updated with the very latest in Breast Care Fashions. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the products shown, be they medical breast prostheses, mastectomy bras or mastectomy swimwear please feel free to phone me for a chat on 085 160 1783.

Complimentary home visits are available in the counties of Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, South Galway and North Cork. My shop is based in Limerick and I am happy to travel to women in the surrounding counties. To book an appointment online click here.

Thank you for reading my blog. I love what I do, and I am very passionate about getting the right fit for all my customers.
Valerie x
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